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How to Cook Steel Cut Oats (4 Ways!)

  Learn how to cook steel cut oats in four different ways: microwave, stovetop, overnight, and slow cooking. Choose your preferred method based on convenience and batch size. This nutritious carbohydrate is a healthy and affordable meal to start the day! One of the healthiest grains you can eat Nearly every household has a canister or box of oats stashed in their pantry, or at least they should. This shelf-stable cereal grain is packed within each spoonful. There are various to choose from at the store it can be a little overwhelming. So I’m going to walk you through one of the most popular varieties called steel-cut oats or Irish-style oats. These little bits have a delicious nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture that gets creamy as it cooks. Because they are one of the least processed varieties, they can take a longer time to cook. But not to worry! I have four easy methods you can try that vary in cooking time, hands-on activity, and yield. Choose the one that best suits your need

The Best Instant Pot Chili

  Instant Pot chili recipe with rich ground beef, tender beans, fresh peppers, and bold spices for a southwestern kick of flavor. Pressure cooking dried beans make them tender in a fraction of the time. Add your favorite toppings for a hearty meal made in just 1 hour! When you’re craving a good chili, break out your pressure cooker! Traditional methods require time to soak the beans overnight, followed by hours of cooking on the stovetop. To significantly cut down on prep and simmer time, use a multi-cooker device like the Instant Pot. Using this all-in-one vessel, you can use multiple techniques to develop more flavor compared to a slow cooker. The Instant Pot allows you to enhance the taste of each ingredient by browning the beef, sauteing the vegetables, and blooming the spices. Then the mixture of beans pressure cooks until tender and creamy. Make each bowl customizable with your favorite toppings like sour cream, shredded cheese, green onions, or slices of spicy peppers. How to co

White Meat vs. Dark Meat

  eople often think light meat is healthier than dark meat. But, honestly, you can’t go wrong with either. They both provide healthy high-quality protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals. hey are also nearly identical in hey are also nearly identical in hey are also nearly identical in Dark meat Turkeys and chickens spend a lot of time walking, so they have more slow-twitch or type 1 muscle fibers in their legs. These fibers allow for aerobic energy production. Oxygen is used in this energy system to convert carbohydrates and fat into fuel. A protein called myoglobin stores oxygen in the muscle cells and gives the meat its darker color. Because the aerobic energy system can use fat for fuel, more fat is stored in the legs and thighs. Dark meat has a bit more and calories than white meat because of the higher fat content. Additionally, dark meat contains more iron, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin B-12 than white meat. Light meat White meat is found in the breast and wings.

Eggs Benedict   eggs Benedict is an elegant breakfast or brunch dish that’s surprisingly easy to make at home. Poached eggs sit on top of toasted English muffins and savory Canadian bacon, then drizzled with a creamy hollandaise sauce. There are four simple components that take a little coordination to prepare, but the decadence is well worth the effort.  When you’re feeling a little fancy in the morning, treat yourself to homemade eggs benedict. The recipe uses two of my favorite culinary techniques, poaching and making an emulsion. Once you’ve nailed those two methods for the  sauce, everything else is a breeze. What’s even better is that it comes in pairs, so you get two chances to indulge.   foodclub22. Fans of the dish obsess over the decadent open-faced sandwich. It’s hard not to swoon over the velvety butter sauce that oozes into the golden center of the yolk when pierced. Pan-seared bacon and crunchy toasted English muffins catch all those luscious flavors. How do

Slow Cooker Chicken Breast

  This easy slow cooker chicken breast recipe yields tender, juicy pieces with minimal effort! Season the meat, then gently steam it in the covered pot. The savory juices make for a delicious gravy to drizzle on top. I’m a big fan of using my Crock-Pot for cooking a healthy family dinner. When I’m not sauteing chicken on the stovetop, I love that I can just add the lean white meat to the pot, cover, and let the equipment do the work. The moist-heat cooking environment is similar to the French  en cocotte  method. The results are delectable- aromatic herb-infused bites in a flavorful juice. This recipe is simple and easy, especially for those busy weeknights. To start, open up your spice drawer and grab some bold flavors. After steaming for a few hours, you’ll have flavorful drippings to pour on top or even make a sauce if you’d like. Pair this meal with creamy mashed potatoes and your favorite greens for the ultimate comfort food. It’s also a great meal prep or make-ahead option. Chick

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

  Instant pot mashed potatoes are my favorite side dish to pair with chicken and green beans, but of course, it works well with other combinations of meats and veggies. Russet potatoes, water, butter, milk, salt, pepper, and chives are thrown into an electric pressure cooker to create creamy and satisfying spuds with ease.  Creamy mashed potatoes are a side dish that is hard to resist. Oftentimes, it’s the most popular dish at the table. This recipe is made with simple ingredients like potatoes, milk, butter, and flavorful seasonings. Potatoes can release lots of starch when cooked, creating a gluey and thick mess if not properly combined, so I’ll show you all the right steps. To add another layer of complexity, home cooks are ditching the slow cooker and using pressure cookers, like the Instant Pot, to quickly prepare meals. I’m going to show you how to make mashed potatoes the right way using this handy multi-cooker.If you’re looking for a low effort mashed potatoes technique that do

Learn how to cook chicken breasts on the stovetop with juicy and tender results! This is my go-to method for a quick and healthy dinner paired with your choice of sides.

Chicken is a classic dinner-time staple, but it can easily become dried out and bland. To avoid that, I’m sharing my stovetop pan sear technique that adds a ton of surface flavor to the chicken breasts while ensuring moist and tender meat. The key to success is heat management. You’ll need to give the protein enough time for the exterior to brown, then reduce the intensity to gently finish cooking. Once you master this simple technique, the possibilities are endless. Get creative with entree portions, kick up the protein level for salads, or shred up pieces to use in soups and casseroles. Chicken selection I recommend using boneless skinless chicken breasts that are between 6 to 10 ounces.   If the tenders are still attached, they add bulk and make it harder to flatten. I like to pull them off and makeor the kids. They love it! I find that anything over 8 ounces will end up being too wide after flattening, so you may need to cook in two batches. Flatten the pieces Chicken breasts are a